LSK Condemns Killing of Lawyer

IGP Boinnet:There is circumstantial evidence to link the three officers to the murder of the three. They will face charges including murder. Their behavior is not a representative of the national police. “I reject claims there are death squads in police. These are rogue officers just like any society with rogue people,” he said.

He says police will ensure justice for all. Consoled with the families of affected.

IGP Boinnet


Press release 01072016

We have received grim news of the recovery of the bodies of Advocate Willie Kimani and his client Mr. Mwendwa. Mr. Muiruri remains missing.

This marks a dark day for the rule of law in Kenya. Our worst fears are confirmed. Advocates and citizens are at risk of elimination by police death squads.

I have called for an emergency meeting of the Council of the Law Society of Kenya at 4pm at the LSK Secretariat.

The LSK will take all measures to ensure those with personal political and moral responsibility answer for these crimes.

We pray for the soul of our brother Willie and for Mr. Mwendwa. We pray for the safety of our members on the frontline of the defence of our constitution and of the rule of law and for our country.

Isaac E.N. Okero
President, Law Society of Kenya

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