Bernard Muriuki, an advocate, was arrested and detained in Muranga today while in the course of representing his client. He is now pleading to be released on cash bail. Obviously, the situation impairs the advocate’s  ability to serve his client and renders the client’s tenuous legal position even more damning.

Willie Kimani

The order allowing the police to hold Muriuki’s client lapsed after the court declined to extend it. But the police have forcibly taken the client and his advocate. It is clear in this case that the police see fundamental rights as nuisances on paper and generally translate the principle of the rule of law as ” do whatever you want” since might is right.
Last week, the trial of policemen accused of abducting, torturing and murdering a lawyer ,his client and their driver commenced.
Against this background, Muriuki’s unlawful detention is a chilling warning to all human rights defenders. This impunity must end.favicon

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