Jubilee: Odinga, PNU Fixed Ruto



Raila Ruto

Raila Odinga confirms that William Ruto, was actually framed and fixed.


Raila Odinga has finally spoken directly on matters connected with the ICC. For the first time in his statement, he has confirmed the following:

  1. That his former Deputy Party Leader, William Ruto, was actually framed and fixed. He has even come out to quote some meetings in his knowledge which he claims were used to perpetuate the fixing.
  2. That he indeed authorized Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, the then ODM Secretary General to write letters to the United Nations Security Council.

Arising from this two confessions we have the following observations are unavoidable:

It has taken the former Prime Minister six years for him to be forthright about the Post-Election Violence. The person he now calls “comrade” has gone through hell on earth. Up till this confession, the most we heard from him was the six should go to The Hague and try and clear their names and even worse, he declared to the world that “Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto belong to JAIL since those who have murdered are in Kamiti”.

Did Raila Odinga tell Moreno Ocampo that his then deputy was fixed and that he was and is indeed an innocent man the way he wants the country to believe.

We want therefore to ask Raila Odinga the following questions.

  1. I) Did Odinga tell Louis Moreno Ocampo that his Deputy Party Leader had been fixed and that he is indeed an innocent man
  2. ii) Has Odinga written any letter or given any statement about the horror that his former deputy, whom he now calls “comrade”, has been and continues to be unjustly subjected to.

Did Raila Odinga tell Ocampo former Deputy Party Leader, William Ruto, was actually framed and fixed?

iii) In the interest of truth, fairness and justice, is Raila Odinga ready to go before any investigative institution or judicial institution whether locally or at The Hague, not to save Hon. Ruto, but for the sake of truth?

  1. iv) Can Mr Odinga reconsider the request by the DPP for him to record a statement on anything he knows about the post-election violence and especially the witnesses surrounding the same?
  2. V) For avoidance of doubt the letter to the UN authorized by Mr Odinga not only condemns his “comrade” William Ruto and the other five but also states categorically his position that the only mechanism that can be used to resolve this matter is the ICC.



And we quote….

“Local trials will be used to shield the suspects from justice….

Because of the significant positions held in and influence the suspects wield within Government, they are the ones spearheading the deferral request as a means of defeating the cause of justice. 

Ultimately, the six suspects the ICC has summoned intend to use the deferral, if granted, as the basis of perpetuating the culture of impunity in Kenya.

The deferral request should be seen as evidence that the Party of National Unity and President Mwai Kibaki are both unwilling and unable to prosecute the six suspects for the crimes alleged by the ICC.

  1. vi) Mr Odinga said that he is not prepared to record any statement to the Directorate of Public Prosecution on matters connected with the ICC, whilst at the same time admitting that he is aware of a scheme to fix Ruto; does he want the scheme to succeed, or isn’t he interested in telling the truth?

Mr Odinga further says that he supported a local judicial mechanism to resolve the cases related to the PEV. His letter contradicts this assertion. What is his real position, then and now?

The length to which Odinga and Nyongo went to conceal the existence of this letter is telling. Only last week, Nyong’o withdrew a case he filed to deny the existence of the letter.

We understand the discomfort that Moses Kuria’s disclosures is causing Odinga and others who know the truth about what happened, but are conveniently avoiding revealing it because it is politically strategic, or because they want an innocent person to be condemned.

What Moses Kuria has done is significant in the quest for truth and justice by disclosing that the Kriegler and Waki Commission witnesses and their statements found their way to the ICC.

While the Kriegler Commission statements and witnesses were to be used to converse political positions, the same witnesses and statements were passed on and converted to the ICC for purposes of a concocted criminal case.

For the avoidance of doubt, Moses Kuria is willing to step forward and he has clearly mentioned the people he worked with, including Martha Karua, who led the process. For the record, Moses Kuria never worked for Uhuru Kenyatta at material times; he was in the employ of Martha Karua and others.

For the record Uhuru Kenyatta is a victim of similar machinations.

If Mr Odinga has information on the role of other people– he should take the information to the DPP or the ICC and stop politicking with it: people’s lives, freedom and expectations of justice are at stake.

The freedom of people who selflessly worked for him is in jeopardy. It is his duty as a citizen, as a leader and a person who purports to be interested in truth and justice to come forward without delay.

We respectfully ask every Kenyan, wherever they are, for the sake of truth and justice to emulate Moses Kuria and come forward with whatever they know about Post-Election Violence and the ICC witnesses.

The Rome Statute is the instrument which established the International court.

The Rome Statute is the instrument which established the International court.

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